JMSW Fall Orientation Schedule

Orientation for new two-year JMSW students will take place August 8th and 9th.

Click here for the complete JMSW Orientation schedule (PDF).

On Wednesday, August 8th, students should report to Craig Hall, room 112, at NC A&T SU for orientation. It will be from 10am-4pm.

  • Please see a NC A&T SU Campus Map (Craig Hall is #15 in blue on this map).

On Thursday, August 9th, students should report to Stone Building, room 204, UNCG Campus for orientation. It will be from 10am-4pm.

Dr. Meredith Powers receives funding from The Junior League of Greensboro

Dr. Meredith Powers

Dr. Meredith Powers (Social Work) received new funding from The Junior League of Greensboro, North Carolina, Incorporated, for the project “Parks for All People: Promoting Health and Wellness by Engaging Aging Populations in Public Parks.” D. Justin T. Harmon and Dr. Benjamin D. Hickerson are co-principal investigators on the project.

According to the abstract this project will focus on the health and quality of life needs of older adults in Greensboro through the rehabilitation of neighborhood parks to better serve their recreational and leisure preferences in public spaces. This project will benefit from the Junior League of Greensboro grant by building on an existing community partnership between the Department of Community and Therapeutic Recreation and the City of Greensboro’s Parks and Recreation Department. The abstract states that there are more than 100 neighborhood parks in Greensboro, with few of them adequately serving the specific needs of an aging population. The project’s partnerships for park enhancements are crucial in order to increase accessibility (e.g., wheelchair paths, benches) and participation of older adults in these public spaces.

This story was published in Campus Weekly. Click here to read the original.

Dr. Yarneccia Dyson appointed to CSWE Leadership Position

We are pleased to report that Dr. Yarneccia D. Dyson has been appointed by the Council on Social Work Education to serve as Co-Chair for the Council on Racial, Ethnic, and Cultural Diversity for the 2018-2019 year. She currently serves as a member of this Council, which is a part of the Commission for Diversity and Social and Economic Justice. Dr. Dyson also serves as the Track Chair for the African Americans and the African Diaspora Track of CSWE.

Congratulations to Dr. Dyson!