Joint A&T and UNCG Social Work Program Faculty and RTI University Scholar Presented at Criminology Conference

Dr. Carmen Monico, A&T’s Associate Professor and RTI University Scholar, presented with Wayne Pitts from RTI’s Division for Applied Justice Research at the American Association of Criminology held in Chicago October 17-20, 2021. The presentation was titled “Tracking Guatemalan Deportees and Their Intentions to Remigrate to the U.S.” and was based on the Guatemala Repatriation Longitudinal Survey RTI conducted with researchers from Duke’s DevLab. The study included initial surveys from 1,359 Guatemalans deported from the U.S., selected at random, upon their arrival in Guatemala City. Two rounds of follow-up telephone interviews were conducted with 401 and 309 consenting participants, respectively. Embedded conjoint and list experiments allowed for a better understanding of the Guatemalan deportation experience, returnees’ reintegration journeys, and factors affecting intentions to remigrate. Besides this conference presentation, the study will be presented at two more conferences in spring 2022. The study findings were discussed in a policy-oriented article on the root causes of migration from the Central American Northern Triangle countries published by the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs. A comprehensive study report was summarized in a chapter of the upcoming book titled Border Criminology, Migration and Human Rights in the Global South: An Interdisciplinary View, which Rowman & Littlefield and Lexington isexpected to publish in 2022. 

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New Publication Alert for Dr. Carmen Monico

Scholarship on human trafficking around the world and in North Carolina

Dr. Monico engaged with other faculty and students on a multi-year research project on human trafficking globally and in North Carolina. Findings of phase 1 of the project led to the development of a chapter for the book Contemporary Slavery and Trafficking in Persons: Global Narratives. Results of phase 2 are being summarized into a manuscript for future publication. The project involved Jennifer Toller Erausquin, Associate Professor and Associate in the Department Chair Department of Public Health Education at University of North Carolina Greensboro (UNCG) and Rachel Faller, PhD Candidate in the same program, as well as Haley Cole, former Elon College Fellow and alumna, and Melody Fisherlewek, Elon University graduate from the Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies (WGSS). Preliminary findings were presented at a World Congress of Sociology in Canada during summer 2018. A book virtual launch is proposed for the spring 2022. 

Monico, C., Faller, R., Cole, H. & Erausquin, J. T. (2022) “Push-Pull” factors influencing the demand and supply of human trafficking: A theoretical framework for identifying and assessing human trafficking. In A. K. Acharya, J. Bryson Clark & M. L. Martinez Sanchez (1st Ed). Contemporary Slavery and Trafficking in Persons: Global Narratives. Mayan Publishing House. ISNB: 978-9164200-6.

Contemporary Slavery in Human Trafficking