“September 29, 2021, Black women leaders will convene a virtual summit, Where She Leads, We Will Follow Her, to address HIV and other health issues impacting women specifically in the United States.” Our very own Dr. Yarneccia D. Dyson will be among them.

To join the conversation on social media, follow @wheresheleads on Instagram and Facebook and use the hashtag #wheresheleads #wheresheleadssummit2021. 

Dr. Yarneccia D. Dyson to Speak for the Critical Race Theory & The 1619 Project: Fall 2021

Dr. Yarneccia D. Dyson is the invited opening Speaker for the Critical Race Theory & The 1619 Project: Fall 2021 Webinar Series – Sponsored by the Social Work Program in partnership with the History Program at Elizabeth City State University

Date: Tuesday, September 28, 2021 (3:30pm-5:00pmEST)
Title of Presentation: The Need for Critical Race Theory as a Practical Approach for Racial Justice and Equity for Black Folx in Higher Education: Implications for Students and Administrators


Dr. Yarneccia D. Dyson, Department Chair of Social Work and Gerontology Program at UNC Greensboro, will be presented the Early Career Faculty Service and Leadership in Social Work Education Award.

CSWE proudly presents the Professional Awards during the Annual Program Meeting (APM) every year and recognizes outstanding educators for significant contributions to social work education.

Please join us in celebrating the 2021 Professional Awards recipients during the APM Awards Luncheon on Sunday, November 7 at 11:30 AM ET!

Click here to read more and register for the meeting.Congratulations Dr. Dyson for your contribution to the profession, social work education and our programs!


We are pleased to announce that the Joint Programs in Social Work have received HRSA BHWET funding for the Integrated Behavioral Health and Racial Equity Scholars Program (PDF) in the amount of $1,920,000 to support JMSW and JPhD students 2021-2025.

Congratulations to the HRSA Team on their efforts to make this funding possible!

Yarneccia D. Dyson, Ph.D., MSW (Principal Investigator/Director)
Danielle C. Swick, Ph.D., MSW (Co-Investigator)
Melissa Floyd-Pickard, Ph.D., LCSW (Co-Investigator)
Jay Poole, Ph. D., LCSW (Co-Investigator)

Dr. Yarneccia D. Dyson is an Invited Speaker for the Global Social Welfare Summit

Dr. Yarneccia D. Dyson is an Invited Speaker for the Global Social Welfare Summit which is hosted by Social Work Helper and Council on Social Work Education.

Her Session is titled Calling “A Thing” A Thing: Addressing Anti-Black Racism in Social Work Education and will take place on Thursday, March 18th, 2021 at 1:45pm.

To learn more, please visit: https://globalsocialwelfaresummit.com/session/calling-a-thing-a-thing-addressing-anti-black-racism-in-social-work-education/


Dr. Yarneccia D. Dyson was an invited speaker at the Center for Health Equity Research (CHER) Institute’s Inaugural Research Spotlight

Dr. Yarneccia D. Dyson

Dr. Yarneccia D. Dyson was invited to speak during the Center for Health Equity Research (CHER) Institute’s Inaugural  Research Spotlight hosted by Dr. Fernando Wagner taking place on Thursday, February 18th at 2pm.


Dr. Yarneccia D. Dyson Presents Recommendations from the Task Force to Advance Anti-Racism

Dr. Yarneccia D. Dyson

Last summer, Dr. Yarneccia D. Dyson was invited by our (Council on Social Work Education/CSWE) accrediting body to join the newly formed Task Force to Advance Anti-Racism in Social Work Education, and was asked to Co-Lead the Curriculum Development Work Group.

In addition, she was asked to present the key recommendations from our Work Group during the Membership Meeting at our Virtual Conference and they begin at 14:30 in the video below. The other Work Groups under the Task Force included: Faculty and Student Racial/Ethnic Equity Work Group, Educational Policy and Accreditation Work Group, and Conferences and Faculty Development Work Group. She has been asked to continue on into the next phase, which is Implementation Strategies.

As Department Chair Dr. Floyd-Pickard notes, “This national service and recognition speaks to your hard work and amazing contributions, as well as your growing reputation in the field.”  Congratulations, Dr. Dyson!

If the embedded video below does not show, please visit this link to watch:

Advancing Anti-Racism in Social Work Education

New publication alert for Dr. Yarneccia D. Dyson!

Title: Understanding the Impact of Negative Stereotypic Images on Identity Development in African American Children and Single Mothers: Implications for Educators, School Counselors, and Administrators

Journal: Florida Journal of Educational Research

This study was led by Dr. Alishea S. Rowley, Associate Professor and Program Coordinator in the Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling at Florida A & M University, in collaboration with Dr. Yarneccia D. Dyson (pictured), Assistant Professor at UNCG. It focuses on the impact of stereotypic images in conjunction with racial identity development in Single African American Mothers (SAAMs) and their children. The investigation of this topic is important because there is a need to highlight oppressive images that impact racial development and academic success in children of color and the topic is vital to helping professionals and academic leaders to better understand the needs of the population and effective ways to help them. Further, the study also highlighted relevant theories to explain racial identity development.

Dr. Yarneccia D. Dyson added to Diversity Scholars Network through the National Center for Institutional Diversity at the University of Michigan!

Photo of Dr. Yarneccia Dyson
Dr. Yarneccia D. Dyson

We are delighted to share the news that Dr. Yarneccia D. Dyson has been added as a Diversity Scholar through the National Center for Institutional Diversity at the University of Michigan!

This Program will provide Dr. Dyson with the professional development opportunities and mentorship experiences needed to help her hone her DEI+ Belonging focused leadership and administrative skills.

An excerpt of her welcome letter and a brief statement by Dr. Dyson are included below.


Greetings Dr. Dyson:

On behalf of the National Center for Institutional Diversity (NCID) at the University of Michigan, welcome to the Diversity Scholars Network (DSN)!

The DSN is an interdisciplinary, multi-institutional community of scholars committed to advancing understandings of historical and contemporary social issues related to identity, difference, culture, representation, power, oppression, and inequality — as they occur and affect individuals, groups, communities, and institutions.

The DSN now has over 900 members from more than 200 institutions across the world. As with any community, its success is only achieved through the level of engagement of the members and through a spirit of collaboration and collective impact. As a new member, you can expect to see your profile populate in our Member Directory within the next several weeks.

Dr. Dyson shares the following to accompany this exciting news:

“I am grateful yet geeked to share that I’ve been added as a member to the Diversity Scholars Network, a program out of the National Center for Institutional Diversity at the University of Michigan.

I am looking forward to participating in their professional development programs, networking, and receiving mentorship as I hone in on my leadership and administrative skills, with a focus on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Through the network, my project specifically will be focused on enhancing key knowledge and skills that will be critical in advancing academic spaces for students, especially those with marginalized identities, to feel safe, supported, and comfortable, to show up as their authentic selves while successfully getting what they came for: their degrees.

I am also looking forward to connecting and engaging with the other Diversity Scholars in our efforts to advance social transformation.

#Diversity #Equity #Inclusion #InclusiveExcellence #Belonging”

Dr. Yarneccia D. Dyson was selected to serve as a Facilitator for the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Virtual Winter Doctoral Academy 2020!

Dr. Yarneccia D. Dyson was selected to serve as a Facilitator for the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Virtual Winter Doctoral Academy 2020! She will lead a workshop titled “Qualitative data analyses approaches” for their Doctoral students.

Please join us in celebrating such great international recognition of her expertise in qualitative research and data analysis! She lead the development of the Qualitative course for our Joint PhD Program so we know these students will be in great hands.

Congratulations, Dr. Dyson!